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Whats the meaning of the number 2743?

This number is meaningless, such as his holder.

In a society organized by numbers, lose the individuality of each person, the number is only to identify and reflects nothing more than an existence doomed to mechanization.

This fierce and constant invasion of identity, that the political regime exercises, will culminate in an awareness and in a revolt against the system.

This video dance works as a reflexion of current events in several countries in Europe and USA, where the pressure of the system culminated in social revolt.

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Source media: Mini DV

Date of completion: 27/12/2011

Country: Portugal


Director: Dário Pacheco & José Gonçalves

Choreographer: Dário Pacheco & José Gonçalves

Editing: Dário Pacheco & José Gonçalves

Camera: José Gonçalves

Sound Design: Dário Pacheco & José Gonçalves

Performers: Dário Pacheco

Collaborators/ Supports: Chagas; Casa da Avó Gama

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